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● We can customize boxes with different sizes, shapes and designs. Whether you need a burger box, cookie box or a cake box or even a huge box for Eids cookies we can fit your need.

● We can produce soft or hard cover boxes in different dimensions depending on the application and the clients need.

● We can use different paper or cardboard types to produce different styles of boxes.

● 100% biodegradable and recyclable so you will also help save the planet.

● We can print up to 3 colors.

● Minimum Order of 3000 boxes.


Modern Print Shop (Big Bag ) is a specialized manufacturing facility including paper bags, Oriental sweets boxes, plates, and cake bases. since 1985 It has been equipped with the necessary machinery, equipment, and expertise to efficiently and effectively.

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Factory : 13,block 20015- St.155 -1st industrial zone – obour city – cairo – egypt


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