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Kraft paper bags


● Our Kraft paper Bags is made using a 100% automated line which ensures that they are stylish and come with an impeccable finish.

● Bags can be made with or without handles. You can also customize the handle color depending on the bag’s design and colors.

● Our sizes range from 26 width x 26 length x 12 depth to 43 width x 50 length x 15 depth bags.

Our production team is happy to discuss any special requirements you might have

● 100% biodegradable and recyclable so you will also help save the planet.

● Our design team can help you customize your bag’s design and paper grammage

to fit your requirements, bag size and brand’s image.

● Bags can be printed with up to 3 colors.

● Minimum Order of 3000 bags


Modern Print Shop (Big Bag ) is a specialized manufacturing facility including paper bags, Oriental sweets boxes, plates, and cake bases. since 1985 It has been equipped with the necessary machinery, equipment, and expertise to efficiently and effectively.

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Factory : 13,block 20015- St.155 -1st industrial zone – obour city – cairo – egypt


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